Adventure Thru the Walt Disney Archives

For over 50 years, The Walt Disney Archives has been preserving everything that makes the Walt Disney Company the cultural establishment it is today. From the classic films and TV shows we all know and love, to the theme parks that fill our hearts with everlasting memories, Adventure Thru the Walt Disney Archives pulls backContinue reading “Adventure Thru the Walt Disney Archives”

LEGO® Night Of The Harbinger comes to Cartoon Network on Halloween

Pure Imagination Studios continues its collaboration with The Lego Group with a Halloween Special, “Night of the Harbinger”. Based on the LEGO® Hidden Side™ theme, the 44 min featurette was directed by long time studio director Michael D. Black. “For LEGO Hidden Side, we needed to achieve a distinct look for the series that was based on a new Augmented RealityContinue reading “LEGO® Night Of The Harbinger comes to Cartoon Network on Halloween”

LEGO® Hidden Side

Pure Imagination Studios has created nineteen 3 minute episodes of the unique world of LEGO® Hidden Side™.  Zac Moncrief, the director for the series, was tasked with bringing the series to fruition. “This exciting, original property created by LEGO was ground-breaking in the way it incorporated the traditional set building along with the use ofContinue reading “LEGO® Hidden Side”