LEGO® Night Of The Harbinger comes to Cartoon Network on Halloween

Pure Imagination Studios continues its collaboration with The Lego Group with a Halloween Special, “Night of the Harbinger”. Based on the LEGO® Hidden Side™ theme, the 44 min featurette was directed by long time studio director Michael D. Black. “For LEGO Hidden Side, we needed to achieve a distinct look for the series that was based on a new Augmented RealityContinue reading “LEGO® Night Of The Harbinger comes to Cartoon Network on Halloween”

LEGO® Hidden Side

Pure Imagination Studios has created nineteen 3 minute episodes of the unique world of LEGO® Hidden Side™.  Zac Moncrief, the director for the series, was tasked with bringing the series to fruition. “This exciting, original property created by LEGO was ground-breaking in the way it incorporated the traditional set building along with the use ofContinue reading “LEGO® Hidden Side”