Marvel Universe 4D at Madame Tussauds with a little help from PTP

Buckle up, put on those 3D glasses and prepare to experience wind-chilling, water-soaking and face-flinching special effects in the new Marvel Universe 4D. Pepper Tree Post played a key part in bringing this unique experience to multiple theatres around the world.

The director, Michael Black from Pure Imagination Studios, worked closely with animation house Deep Blue from Warsaw to deliver this exhilarating project; “Marvel Universe 4D is a fun, action-driven 3D show featuring many of Marvel’s most popular and beloved characters. We start with some of our new favorites showing up to honor Ant-Man with his own figure being unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s. Of course, Loki shows up and mischief and chaos ensues, with the characters busting through the wall and into the theater with us. But Loki has many surprises up his sleeve and eventually the heroes, with help from the classic heavy hitters, have to battle The Dweller in the Darkness, a monstrous, floating, tentacled alien creature in the sky. There are countless 3D gags and in-theater 4D effects in this fast-paced and exciting adventure with characters we all know and love.”

From a color grading perspective, it was all about bringing out the richness of the characters with their unique and identifiable tones, while ensuring that the lighting and palette of each city felt consistent, shot to shot. Creating that seamless experience so that the action feels like it’s taking place right outside the theatre required particular attention during production: “We took tons of photo and satellite reference to recreate the locations of each individual Madame Tussaud’s location in New York, Singapore, Hollywood, Las Vegas and London so that the audience feels like the action is taking place right outside the theater they’re sitting in. It took a lot of careful planning from the early stages to make sure that things would line up perfectly, while still highlighting the particular geography, architecture and even lighting of each individual location; the difference between the sunny skies of Los Angeles and London, for example.”

As well as the final grade, PTP handled the stereo conform, online, depth grading as well as multiple deliverables to go with each Madame Tussauds location around the world.

Visit Madame Tussauds website to find your nearest Marvel Universe 4D experience.

Published by miltonadamou

Milton Adamou is the owner of Pepper Tree Post, a full service post production boutique located in the Hollywood Hills, CA.

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