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Pepper Tree Post is a full service boutique located in the Hollywood Hills, CA. With a critical eye for detail and a passion for the indie filmmaker, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what is possible for our clients, bringing production values and technology typically found in tentpole studio pictures to the budding filmmakers of tomorrow. 


Whether it’s live action, animation or archive footage, we know how to get the best out of your pictures and really make them sing! Conform, grade, online and VFX, we can give your images that extra sparkle.


It’s the wild west out there when talking delivery formats. UHD/HDR/DCP and every other acronym you can think of, we’ve seen it before, mastered it, and delivered it to major Hollywood studios.


No material is too far gone. No gouge too big. No scratch impossible to fix. Give us your images and we’ll return them back, crisp and fresh. You may be surprised by how good we can make them look.

37 Seconds | Netflix Originals
Conform, Grading & Mastering Services

Adventure Thru the Walt Disney Archives | Disney+
Conform, Grading & Deliverables

Safer At Home | Vertical Entertainment
Grading, VFX & Mastering Services


A Summer Of TOONS!

PTP is proud to have helped Warner Brothers Animation with a number of titles including Bug’s Bunny Builders, Tiny Toons Looniversity, Mortal Kombat Legends: Cage Match, as well as fan favorite Teen Titans Go!

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Adventure Thru the Walt Disney Archives

For over 50 years, The Walt Disney Archives has been preserving everything that makes the Walt Disney Company the cultural establishment it is today. From the classic films and TV shows we all know and love, to the theme parks…

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