Life Centered: The Helen Jean Taylor Story

Patience, philosophy & discipline.

The prerequisites to becoming an accomplished artist in the words of Helen Jean Taylor, renowned ceramicist and educator, who not only crafted timeless artworks inspired by colors found in home gardens, but also helped her students improve their mental health through the art of throwing clay.

In his latest documentary, Life Centered: The Helen Jean Taylor Story, director Don Hahn charts the course for Jean’s extraordinary life that begins in rural England, where as a child she would wander through her mother’s captivating garden, while spending her lonely winters inside, painting. Her mother’s love and appreciation of color, and the impression it created on a young Jean would later turn up in the glazes of her ceramics, fusing in unthinkable and imaginative ways.

This was another project where PTP stepped in to handle the online, grade and delivery. The documentary features Jean herself, as well as interviews with former students and close friends, intermixed with old pictures from photo albums. Don acknowledged that making everything work together was a challenge: “Life Centered is packed with a grab bag of archival elements that would challenge any colorist.  Pepper Tree Post consistently worked their usual magic to unite the disparate elements into one visually unified piece.”

After premiering on KCET, PBS and Link TV, Life Centered: A Jean Taylor Story is now streaming on YouTube. It continues to rack up awards after Emily Bear won an Emmy for Music Composition, adding to its Best Human Interest Feature award by the LA Press Club.

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