LEGO® Night Of The Harbinger comes to Cartoon Network on Halloween

Pure Imagination Studios continues its collaboration with The Lego Group with a Halloween Special, “Night of the Harbinger”. Based on the LEGO® Hidden Side™ theme, the 44 min featurette was directed by long time studio director Michael D. Black.

“For LEGO Hidden Side, we needed to achieve a distinct look for the series that was based on a new Augmented Reality (AR) game that integrates with the built toys. Using a blend of 2D style shading and cartoon style line work with 3D models and lighting, it all needed to come together in the finish to match and surpass the style established in the games and toy design.”

The movie brings to a conclusion a storyline that played throughout 2019/2020 in the form of 19 x 3 min episodes on YouTube, all of which take place in the Haunted Town of Newbury. Just like the episodes that preceded it, Night Of The Harbinger had a very tight deadline, with shots being updated up to literally the last minute. Unlike those mini episodes though, both the online and final grade had to be done remotely due to the ongoing pandemic. Black elaborates: “on this project in particular, Milton was able to keep us working during the ongoing pandemic and do our final color session from the safety of our homes and still meet our hard deadline. While we missed the pleasure of each other’s company, the results didn’t suffer in the slightest and the final product looks fantastic!”

Night Of The Harbinger begins streaming on Cartoon Network on Halloween, October 31st at 18:30 PST.

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