LEGO® Hidden Side

Pure Imagination Studios has created nineteen 3 minute episodes of the unique world of LEGO® Hidden Side™.  Zac Moncrief, the director for the series, was tasked with bringing the series to fruition. “This exciting, original property created by LEGO was ground-breaking in the way it incorporated the traditional set building along with the use ofContinue reading “LEGO® Hidden Side”

PTP teams up with HIKARI for festival darling 37 Seconds

Torn between family obligations and her dream to become a manga artist, Yuma, who suffers from cerebral palsy, struggles to lead a self-determined life. When Milton Adamou at Pepper Tree Post got the phone call to work on 37 Seconds, it was an opportunity to rekindle a relationship that had started a decade earlier withContinue reading “PTP teams up with HIKARI for festival darling 37 Seconds”