Stone Circle wins Emmy for Freedom Writers

Our friends over at Stone Circle Pictures – Don Hahn, Lori Korngiebel and Stephen Yao, last night won an Emmy for their documentary Freedom Writers: Stories from the Heart.

The 56 minute special, which airs on PBS, follows idealistic teacher Erin Gruwell as she tries to reach 150 at-risk students who were labeled “unteachable.” It’s 1994 and Long Beach, California is a racially divided community filled with drugs, gang warfare and homicides. Inside the classroom, Gruwell encounters hostility, indifference and racial divisions between students. The struggle and strife on the streets has carried into the school halls.

“The guys at Pepper Tree Post are pros at taking a great story and polishing the visuals to match. Our documentaries are pulled from all types of archival footage, stills and formats. In the back of our minds, we always know we can rely on them to make it look like a finished movie, not a collection of parts, which is why we consider them to be an extension of our team.” Lori Korngiebel, Producer – Stone Circle Pictures

Pepper Tree Post provided post services for the project, including conform, colour and delivery.

Published by miltonadamou

Milton Adamou is the owner of Pepper Tree Post, a full service post production boutique located in the Hollywood Hills, CA.

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